About Me

I'm Quanah. I blog.

I’m Quanah. I blog.

I once read, or heard, something to this effect: a writer must hoard their time. That struck me. That is something I’ve never done. I don’t have the discipline. That is why I started this blog. It’s a reminder that things will always distract me from writing. My goal is to detail what those things are and hopefully spend more time writing productively. Some of those things are important, like my family and friends.

My name is Quanah. I’m trying to become a more disciplined writer. It’s been tough. There was a time in my life I had a burning desire to be a filmmaker. That hasn’t diminished much, but is not something I’m focused on right now. What knocked me off track was distractions. I decided at some point that maybe the best way to get noticed in the film industry was to write. Again, distracted. I never hoarded my time to write.

After years of just thinking about it, I want to write several books and scripts. How am I going to do this? Be disciplined. This blog will be, in part, my way of staying disciplined in my writing efforts. Although I will use this to discuss the writing I’m producing, I will also discuss things like:

*Being a Seattleite

*My affinity for Christian Apologetics (See here)

*Being a husband, and a father

*Helping my wife cope with Multiple Sclerosis (See here)

*Movies and television

*My adoring love for coffee and local micro breweries

*The struggle in being a practiced vegetarian

*My on again, off again, relationship with Pop Culture

There will be several other topics I’m sure I will introduce in this blog, but these are the ones that I will write about the most.

I need to produce a first piece of work in order to consider myself a serious writer. Until then, it’s just a bunch of talk. My focus is a book. I don’t have grand plans for it. I just want to finish it and self publish in an e-reader format. I’m focusing on the fantasy genre.

I appreciate any feedback. There are several different social networking sites I’m involved in. I will add those links below. I recommend using the “Contact” page if you wish to get a hold of me. Thank you for visiting my blog.





2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi, Quanah! I, too, struggle to be a disciplined writer. From the looks of your beautiful family, your distractions must be mostly good! Keep up the good work! Great blog!

    • Quanah says:

      Thanks so much Michelle. Yes, most of mine are good, but I do have the occasional distraction that isn’t good, like a guilty pleasure movie I’ve seen 20 times already, or a video game. In the long run, most of what distracts me is life, and the life I love living with my family. :)

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